Hello World!

Hi, my name is Russ Treadwell and I go by trdwll. I'm a 25 (1995) year old software engineer with an interest in web development and game development. The username trdwll is my last name without vowels. I've had a couple of usernames over the years and this is the one that I've used since ~2013-early 2014. I've been writing code since ~March 2010 and I love every minute of it.

I enjoy writing C++, C#, and Python. I have experience in game development with Unreal Engine 4, infosec like pentesting web apps, and management such as running a business and managing multiple people. I also enjoy rapid prototyping, writing clean consistent code, and helping out my peers.

Feel free to write me [email protected] or take a look at my LinkedIn.


In my spare time, not only do I love programming, but I love binge-watching TV shows, going to the shooting range, and of course, playing some games.


Open Source Contributions

I've contributed to software over the years and I'll list the ones below that I've contributed to a decent amount.

I plan to contribute to more open source projects this year as I haven't really contributed to many over the years.

Project NameProject HomepageContributions
Unreal EngineLinkLink