So 2020 has sure had its ups and downs as does every year, but 2020 is quite a special year for many reasons.



The year started off well for me, I started work on Shifted and I even decided to get my drivers permit. In March I went back to work at the golf course which the guys there actually are the reason for getting my permit. Yeah, I could've done it and should've done it several years ago, but I've never really seen the point to get it.

Hell in July I even moved from a house that I grew up in for ~14 years. We quite like our new house. 😀

In August I quit my job at the golf course to go full-time on Shifted and as of right now it's still my main full-time job.

Really my year wasn't that eventful other than changing jobs.


2020 New Years Resolutions

Welp, I achieved some of my resolutions for 2020 that I set in January. 

I contributed to more open-source software, I definitely released more software, I've written more blog posts this year than I ever have in total, and I'm more successful.

In December I was apart of releasing a game called Midjungard. I was only a contractor that added Linux support for dedicated servers, steam inventory/microtransactions, and storing player data (stats) with DynamoDB so my work wasn't anything groundbreaking. I want to note that I wasn't apart of the team very long either, only a week and a half.



Really this hasn't affected me really at all. When I was working at the golf course it was worrying us that we were going to get closed down, but that never happened.

It really doesn't affect me in any way not as I work from home and really don't have to go anywhere other than for groceries. Hopefully, 2021 is a better year so COVID goes away and life for everyone returns to somewhat normal.



until next time