Bandwidth Caps

This is something that I’ve been annoyed about for the past few years. Now that I’m actually blogging I thought I should make a post about it. So I’m currently paying for 100/10 with a cap at 300GB. Yeah, I know 300GB. Even though I disagree with caps (especially that low), I believe the higher speeds you get you should have a significantly larger-cap if any at all. For example, if you rent a server from x host they usually charge ~$5 per 3TB etc of bandwidth. I know ISPs and a server company are a bit different, but bandwidth should be cheap for regular consumers. (My ISP does $10 per 50GB)

Like on my connection I should get 2TB /m or at least 1TB /m. I usually go to 350GB /m and sometimes more – depending on what I’ve done that month.

I can’t think of anything else to put on here currently, so I’ll end on that.


until next time