Changes to My Workstation

Currently, in my office, I have 3 desktop machines. 1 main workstation (the pc that I'm writing this from), 1 server, and 1 old workstation (that I talk about some here). A couple of months ago I saw a case on Amazon for $500 and ... I finally decided to buy it. 😭 The decision to get this case wasn't exactly necessary (no shit), but I really wanted to put 2 machines in 1 case... I just wish it was cheaper.

I put my old workstation and new workstation in the case and well it's great. The fans in the case are Apevia TL612L2S-RGB Twilight and I used 7 of Rosewill 120mm Case Fan 4-Pack (so I have 5 left). The Apevia fans blow so much air and they're pretty quiet. The Rosewill fans I got on sale and I bought 3 packs of them. They're very quiet and this review sums it up. The reviews on both fans were pretty good at the time of my purchase. I purchased a fan controller to control some exhaust fans. The fan controller I chose was the Thermaltake Commander F6 and it's actually really nice - it serves its purpose.

I know the audio in the videos is a little loud (lol), but I have a box fan on and a server with loud fans. I promise my workstation is quiet. 😀


Here's my old workstation on the right side of the case. I know the cable management is messy, but you have to think I have 2 full ATX systems in this case so the cables have to go somewhere right? Honestly, the cable management doesn't really matter since I have 18 fans in this case. I also bought an adapter for my DSLR camera (used as a webcam) to mount it on an old arm that I had for a mic.



With this change, I even bought new cables for my monitors and I re-ran all of them to hide them as much as possible. (I spent $80 on fucking cables for just my monitors!)


until next time