Cross-Compiling for Linux on Windows for UE4

There's really not much information on this so I figured I'd write about it to help other people and help myself if I forget how. lol

This guide is written for 4.24, but should work for other versions. Or at the very least will be very similar for other versions.

  1. Download and install the clang toolchain.
  2. Add the settings to your DefaultEngine.ini.
    There are 3 options for this. X86_64UnknownLinuxGnu, ArmUnknownLinuxGnueabihf, or AArch64UnknownLinuxGnueabi
  3. Go into the launcher and download the Linux platform. (if you have source build then ignore this step)

    Click the down arrow on the right then make sure Linux is selected.
  4. Package your project however you do whether it be via Editor (File -> Package Project) or Unreal Frontend.


until next time