Django Review

Now that imglnx is released I can finally ‘review’ Django. I love it. I love Django more than I do PHP. (holy crap, I actually said that?!!?) It has everything already built-in and if it doesn’t have something you need, you can import it via pip.

So why did I choose Django for imglnx? Well to be honest I worked with a team that kept pushing me to learn it and I can see why now. I also was craving the feel of learning something new and PHP was a bit old for me. In Django, I feel like you make something work with less code and in PHP you have to write more. idk. Django also protects against various vulnerabilities out-of-the-box and they take the security of the framework very seriously.

A friend of mine kept asking me to learn NodeJS or Ruby on Rails. I said no to both. lol. I’ve been wanting to relearn Python for a while and Django has allowed me to do that. I really enjoyed Python when I last wrote it (years ago) and I’m really enjoying it now. I’m going to start recommending it to friends over PHP.

When in doubt choose Django over PHP. You won’t be disappointed.


until next time