New Server and New Network

UPDATE 12/26/2020: I've changed the drives in the server to be 2x 3TB (raid 1) and 2x 1TB (raid 1).

I recently set up CI (Jenkins) for Shifted and I thought why not have a machine that I can use as a server for various things such as Jenkins? A few years ago I had a full-fledged homelab that contained 6 1U servers (3 Supermicro and 3 Dell). I used only 1-2 of these servers and the rest - well, collected dust. I ran ESXi, pfsense, and a ton of other random things. I got into network security and let's skip a year. I didn't use them that much so I started shutting them down. I moved to more consumer-grade networking gear and again lets fast forward to the present time.

While I don't need a server, it'll certainly help when I want to do some things, not on either one of my main machines. I ended up going with 2x E5 2660v2, 512GB ECC ram, Supermicro X9DRL-iF, LSI SAS 9220-8i raid card, and a Cooler Master N400 (already had from a previous project). The drives that I have in it are 2x 500GB SSD (raid 0), 3x 3TB (raid 0), and 2x 1TB (raid 0).

But Russ, why did you go with 512GB of ram? Calm down pal, I did it for the lulz. I mainly plan to run some local services like Jenkins, JIRA, Invoice Ninja, Plex, among some other services.


I also bought a new router and 2 APs. The old router that I had used for 3-4 years was dropping packets like crazy and the wifi would just drop also. I ended up going with the MikroTik  RB4011iGS+RM and 2 of MikroTik's cheaper hAP lite TC. MikroTik is very cheap, but very reliable. If you're looking into redoing your network then take a look at stuff that MikroTik offers.


until next time