New Years Resolutions 2020

So every year people decide what they're going to try and do in the new year and usually it's stuff like go to the gym more or eat healthier. While those are mine every year also we all don't stick to it and fall back into old habits.

This year I have some NYR that I really hope I can make some of them happen.

  • Release a video game
  • Maybe join the military
  • Lose some weight, ~30lbs
  • Contribute to more Open Source Software
  • Release more software
  • Become more successful than previous years
  • Blog more than I ever have

Most of these are very doable, however, I'm the one that's in the way of not succeeding. I really do hope that 2020 is my year to finally succeed in things that are important to me. Now let's talk about each resolution.


Release a video game

For the past few years, I've been working on games on and off. Whether that be an actual project, a UE4 framework, or a game engine that I started last year. My cycle of life is I enjoy it for months on months and then I decide to move out of game dev and do something else. Recently I started working on some projects with a close friend to release for sale on the UE4 marketplace and Gumroad. We've been successful at completing these products and listing them for sale. This has certainly helped build my confidence in releasing things (as I don't really release much stuff).

This year I hope to finally release a full game or at the very least have a full game project in the works. After all, this does generally take money to succeed and I'm certainly not rich.


Maybe join the military

Every since I was a kid I remember playing army as do most kids and being fascinated with the military. A couple of years ago I was going to join the Air Force and then I didn't. I said to myself last summer (when I left game dev for the 1 millionth time) that I wanted to join the US Army and then when I got out to become a police officer or even a game warden. While I love the idea of being a LEO and a soldier, I think I love programming more. After all, we'll have to see how this year pans out. I mean I do really love my day job currently so who knows if I even will still do programming or have an interest in military/law enforcement.


Lose some weight, ~30lbs

For as long as I can remember I've always been larger than my peers. Now as an adult I'm not very bit (~220lbs @ ~5' 7"), however, I am overweight. This year I want to take control and lose some weight. I don't think it's impossible to lose 30lbs and I know I can do it.


Contribute to more Open Source Software

I've always had an interest in contributing to projects that are listed on GitHub and I've never really done it. Sure, I've sent some PR's doing simple things and nothing truly meaningful. This year I plan to change that. I think the reason why I've never contributed to many projects is that I think we as programmers judge others code way too much. For example, I cringe when I see code that I wrote several years ago because I've improved since. I think this is why I've never really contributed to many projects because I don't want to be judged or called out for something.


Release more software

This year I want to release more software whether it be paid or free. I didn't really write much software last year publicly and this year I would like to change that.


Become more successful than previous years

Pretty much every year I get more successful than the previous year. Sure I've had a fair share of bad times, but this year I want to be better than any year before.


Blog more than I ever have

I've always had some sort of blog and it usually goes down or I kill it. I'd really like to keep a blog alive to have a showing of my writings that I've done over the years. This year I plan to write more.


Until next time