New Years Resolutions 2021

I wrote one of these last year so I figured why not go ahead and write another one for 2021 to see if I actually follow through with them.


  • Stop using Facebook so much
  • Scuba Diving
  • Better Diet
  • Get better at my profession
  • Release a game



Since the election in the US, I've stopped using Facebook. I check it once every few days to reply to a few people. I keep getting emails about friend suggestions. I think Facebook checks your last activity date and then starts to spam you with shit to try to get you back on the site. (not working on me 😀)

As of December 10, 2020, I've deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. (I didn't really use them anyway)

Scuba Diving

For several years I've wanted to learn to dive so I'd like to make that a reality in 2021.


For the past 2 years, I've eaten more fast food than I ever have and I hate that. In 2021 I plan to stop eating out as much or even fully and get healthier on that front.


Looking back a couple of years I can see the skills that I had and compared to now I'm certainly better. (right?) In 2021 I'd like to become much better at math and writing code.

Release a Game

Last year in December I was apart of releasing a game. I'd like to be apart of releasing another game this year.


until next time