Open Source All of the Things

After reading Tom Preston-Werner's post (Open Source (Almost) Everything) it got me thinking that I should write about this topic also.

I'm a huge fan of open-source software. I know I haven't released a ton of software or even contributed to much, but it was a new years resolution this year to do both of those things. I agree with open-sourcing most of your software as a company, but not your bread and butter.


I wish I would've open-sourced imglnx when I was running it. That would've helped with advertising, security, and feature implementation. It could've also allowed things to be implemented much quicker.

What to open source

Honestly everything other than the main software that your company sells. Do you have some libraries or any other code that's not the core application? If so, open-source them. This can help build trust with your community and again can help with security and features.


So this year I plan to release more software and contribute to other software.


Honestly, my post is shit compared to Tom's - I don't even know why I wrote this post. Go check it out. 😋

until next time