Resize Volumes in Linux

Resizing volumes

// Guide // Published on Jan. 11, 2017, 6 p.m.

I’m going to start writing up small howtos so I don’t have to search for something 1 million times.

This howto is about resizing volumes in Linux.

You’re going to want to log out of all users except root and stop the services that show up from fuser -m /home. Now that you’re done that you can proceed to unmout /home by issuing umount /homein terminal. Run fsck -f /dev/mapper/(whatever)_home to verify the volume is ok. You can now begin to resize /home volume by running lvresize -r -L(whatever)G /dev/mapper/(whatever)_home in terminal. So you’ve resized the /home volume and you have some free space. Proceed to resize whatever volume (for example root /) as follows lvresize -r -L+(whatever)G /dev/mapper/(whatever)_root. That’s all, just run mount /home in terminal and you’re all good.


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