Server Providers

I wrote about this a while back.


I get asked about providers or who I use or even when I see people using an expensive provider for what they get. So this post will talk about what providers I've used.



Notable providers that I've used.


One of the best providers I've used and I'll always go back to them. They're crazy cheap for what they offer and they're just great. The way they do their networking is weird for consumers especially if you want to do ESXi etc and have multiple machines. My friend Jack found out that doing Ubuntu etc and then KVM machines are easier.


A subsidiary of OVH so they're just as good and they offer cheaper servers.


I've been with them since 2017 and the uptime is great. They're crazy cheap and yeah the uptime is great. This site is hosted off of them and has been since 2017.


Again with the word cheap lol. They are just great.


I haven't used them in a while, but when I did I used them for several months at a time and you get what you pay for. They're great.


They offered a € 1 server and this is what I used. I used it for an old project dnslion and I used it for a TeamSpeak server. Excellent uptime at a great price.


They null route ips if they get ddosed which is shit, but they're overall a great provider.

I used them for imglnx and they're a great provider. Hands down one of the best VPS providers I've ever used.


I've used some other providers, but these are the main ones that are worth a damn.


until next time