Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 25

Update: April 26, 2021. I imported this post from my old WordPress blog and I'm now 25 (almost 26) so I'll respond to these. I've accomplished 1 of these which is 7. Looking back I'm not sure why I wanted to do these things. They wouldn't actually change my life. I guess I needed filler content. lol.


I turn 22 next week. Yeah. 22. I know. I’m old.

Anyway, recently I’ve started thinking about things I’d like to do before I turn 25. These things aren’t something that’s going to cost millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. They’ll actually cost significantly less than buying a new 2017 Suburban. All jokes aside, I’ll just list them below.

  1. Scuba Diving (PADI certified) so I can dive wherever and whenever :p
  2. Visit a few places out of the US such as Sweden, UK, Japan, Australia, and possibly even New Zealand
  3. Visit some places in the US like Texas, California, Colorado, Florida, and New York
  4. Visit Google, Apple, Discord, Microsoft, Facebook, NASA, and perhaps even GitHub
  5. Meet more famous people? Not that I think it’d make me any better than anyone, but I think it’d be cool to meet a few more famous people.
  6. Get out and get so shit-faced I end up waking up in the middle of a cornfield naked with a dead deer nearby. (just kidding about the cornfield and dead deer, but serious about the shit faced part)
  7. Get my dream job
  8. Possibly move out of the US or just out of Kentucky at least

until next time