Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 30

Previously I wrote about the same thing, but before 25. I only accomplished one of the things that I wanted to do so I think it's time to change that.


I turn 26 next week. 🙁

  1. PADI certified - I've always wanted to scuba dive.
  2. Own a good amount of land and some rental properties.
  3. Have a successful company ($1mm/y+) that employs >= 10 people. - I'd be ok with a successful company though.
  4. Start a company to help indie game devs build games. - This backpacks on 3. as I would need money to make this happen.
  5. Travel more, maybe to other states or countries. - I really don't get out much, in fact, I'm considered anti-social by family, and friends - but I'm not... I just don't care about going places much.
  6. Allocate more time for family and friends. - I don't spend as much time as I should with them and I know I'll regret it when I'm older and they're dead. 😢


until next time