Time Away From Facebook

So I deleted my Facebook account about a month ago. In the past, I had deleted it multiple times, but I’ve always come back to the site. This is probably the longest I’ve gone without actually activating it again and I’d like to talk about it.

Why did I delete my account?

Honestly, I didn’t use it much and when I did it was to only get a few friends to join Teamspeak or Discord, etc. So there wasn’t any real point in even keeping it. I don’t like the platform (more on this later) and I don’t like reading people's bitching about whatever. (even though I read some cancerous shit on Twitter, it’s not as bad as Facebook imo.) What do you mean the platform is bad? Hold your horses, my dude, I’ll get to it soon.

I rarely post on Twitter or even this blog so there’s no point in having another social media account that for one I don’t like and two a place to keep updated. Now, let me explain why I think Facebook is bad.

Facebook is bad

So you held your horses for a minute and now I get to reveal why I think Facebook is bad. My time on Facebook wasn’t really pleasant for the reasons below:

  • Super laggy (I believe it’s all of the fucking js they run)
  • People always put their opinion out there looking to start an argument
  • Game invites
  • People feel it’s necessary to tell their friends what they’re doing 24/7 (like any of us really give a fuck) orrrrr they post a ton of memes, lyrics, or other stupid shit
  • Facebook is full of bullshit like sidebars, ads, video streaming, etc……. just stuff they shouldn’t have imo
  • Drama…

What now?

I’ve enjoyed my time away from Facebook, it’s like taking some time off of work to just get away – in fact it’s exactly like a vacation. I do randomly activate it for a minute just to ping a friend or whatever, but I don’t keep it for long. I really think it’s ‘healthier' to stay away from Facebook (at least for me), but idk.

Now that I’ve purged myself from Facebook the next site will be all Google products as I said a while back in another post.


until next time