Too Many Email Addresses

I have way too many email addresses. I’m always making a new email account somewhere for something. I tend to use gmail or self-hosted as they’re the quickest to create. I just went through my list of emails and I have 6 gmail and 8 self-hosted (some I’m not including as I don’t use them often –  like webmaster@domain.tld).

So I have an addiction. lol. I believe it’s a good addiction, but a very annoying one. I usually use an email for 1-5 things (like registrations) and then move to another, I mix my web accounts between 5-10 emails. By not using the same email everywhere it makes it more difficult to target the user, the same with passwords. I really need to stop making new email addresses.

I recently started thinking about leaving gmail and other providers to do self-hosted fully, a better solution like riseup or something similar.

You’re probably questioning why I’m thinking about leaving gmail, well the post from Michael Van Delft and other resources have got me thinking.


until next time