Update Again?!?

So I guess I only want to write the 3rd of every month (previous posts are written on the 3rd). I’m not entirely sure why that is, but whatever. I’d like to actually put this site to use as I did pay for a year, but things get in the way throughout the month.

I recently decided to rewrite CaptureThat since it is one of the projects I’m very proud of. Well, why would I want to rewrite it? Well, when I first wrote CaptureThat, it was poorly written, depended on apollo (a library I wrote), and just wasn’t well optimized. My plan is completely to rebuild it from the ground up, not use dependencies, cleaner code, and make sure it supports more sites. In the first version, I focused on the UI/style of the application, you know – aesthetics – stuff that doesn’t matter (at least to a programmer).

I also bought XenForo so I could make a community and also some XenForo plugins to sell/release. Why did I choose XenForo? Well, to simply put it XenForo is one of the most secure forum software there are with the exception of vBulletin (jokes). In all seriousness, from my experiences with XenForo, I’d say it’s very secure. You can even take a look at the XenForo Community Forums to see the vulns that are patched in updates – it’s not much or very critical vulns.

So what am I doing now? Well, other than CaptureThat and my community – nothing except work. I do plan to write more to make this blog more useful or rather entertaining. I really want to start posting some research or mini-tutorials here as I planned when I first started this site. Who knows what the future entails.

until next time