Using Other Types in UE4 BP

I show you how to quickly expose different types to BP in UE4.

// C++ / Unreal Engine // Published on Nov. 24, 2020, 1 p.m.


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While building out SteamBridge I needed a way to access SteamID in BP which happens to be a uint64 so I'm not able to directly. Here's the solution I came up with and I must say it's not the most ideal solution as I mainly needed typedefs, but this works.


struct FUint64

	uint64 Value;

	operator uint64() const { return Value; }

	FUint64() : Value(0) {}
	FUint64(uint64 value) : Value(value) {}

struct FMyCoolUint64Type : public FUint64 { GENERATED_BODY() using FUint64::FUint64; };

To avoid writing the same FUint64 struct for all of the types that just need to be a uint64 you can just derive your struct from it and add a using FUint64::FUint64; so we use it's constructors.

You should also add a method in your class to be able to construct this struct in BP since you can't set the value in BP as it's a type that isn't supported. You can add a method to take a string that's converted to a uint64 to output the FMyCoolUint64Type.

// psudo-code

void makecoolstruct(const FString& convert, FMyCoolUint64Type& type)
    type = { FCString::Strtoui64(*convert, NULL, 10) };
// or some conversion from string to type etc


until next time