Weekly Update 19 - Refactoring and VR Machine

Welp time to get back into the groove of writing these things. (I hope)

So this week I've been very busy doing stuff with Steam and doing a major refactor to the project. I even got around to setting up the VR machine (my old desktop) so I can properly test Shifted now. I believe we're going to have some exciting news in the coming weeks, but not 100% sure just yet. I'm really excited to get this game out the door and into the hands of players.

This weekend I plan to continue to refactor stuff and document our codebase as we've been neglecting that for a while. Who knows, I might end up working on something else. I'll let you know about it next Friday. 😉


I playtested Dead Matter this week and unfortunately, I can't talk about it, but all I will say is it has HUGE potential.


I also decided to start a GitHub Org and a team if you will. A team to develop open-source things for well... game development. I have some ideas for a couple of projects we're going to do so I look forward to talking about them in the future. (I'm just so damn busy with Shifted atm.)


until next time