Weekly Update 28 - SteamBridge and a New Contract

This week was another week of work on SteamBridge and being lazy. Maybe next week I'll have some tasks on Shifted.

I did manage to add 8 classes in SteamBridge since last week and the plugin is almost finished. I just need to lay down the foundation for async methods so I can then add the methods that I've skipped. Once that's finished I'll move on to the Web portion of the plugin and once I'm finished with SteamBridge I can move onto EOSBridge.

I also got a new contract for the short-term since I haven't really worked on Shifted for a while. I'm now working on a game called Midjungard. I'm currently contracted for the implementation of Steam microtransactions, storing player data (such as stats) using DynamoDB, and adding Linux support for their dedicated servers. More on this next week as I complete those tasks.


until next time