Weekly Update 32 - Linux Server for VAIL and Leaving Midjungard

So this week I worked on Linux support for Shifted and was unsuccessful at finding a working solution. The issue is the server is wanting to call methods in steamclient.so and we don't want it to. I added some ifdefs to some of the code to exclude it from the server and that didn't solve the issue. The task has now been pushed to someone else that is better suited to solving this as I'm not as familiar with the codebase anymore.

I played Call of Duty Cold War Zombies this week also and it has been so much fun. My friend Max and I even convinced our old friend Dar to get a copy.

My contract on Midjungard has also ended this week as the work has been completed for some time and they finally got around to verify it worked. 😂

Since I released SteamBridge someone reached out to potentially hire me so that's awesome, more on this later if it comes to fruition. 😁


until next time