Weekly Update 37 - A New Contract and VAIL Investment

I talk about my week.

// Weekly Update // Published on March 19, 2021, noon

Well hey! It's been a couple of weeks since my last weekly update and this post will be pretty juicy.

I got hired to work on porting stuff to C++ for the game HodlGod. After my trial period of 2 weeks, I may be hired full-time as the Senior Programmer. If I'm brought on full-time I'll be leaving VAIL 🙁, but I'll stick around as a consultant. Some news on VAIL is the StartEngine investment page has hit $700k. That's so crazy! 😀

My side project has had a ton of progress, well kinda. I mostly finished the rebuild of my inventory (v2) - more on that later in another post. I'll be able to start on weapons (again - I decided to rebuild the inventory before finishing weapons lol) very soon.

I also started working on another small Unreal Engine plugin that adds small functionality such as type conversion (think uint8 to bool or int32 to float) and some other common code that I tend to repeat in projects.


until next time