Weekly Update 45 - Company Website

For the past week and a half, I've been working on building the foundation of what's going to be the website for my future company. I'm planning to form this new company in the coming months and in turn, I'll be deploying the website at that time. The website will function as a hub for all of the company projects which separates the projects by subdomain. This design will not only eliminate the need to register and pay for more domains, but it allows all projects to be under one roof to be able to maintain them easier. This concept is called multi-tenancy. Literally, each project will have its own set of pages such as a blog. I took inspiration from the way that Facepunch has its site set up along with Bethesda and many others. The site won't be finished for some time and it's not like I'll be pushing it live before the company formation.

I'm very excited about the future company plans and I can't wait to share them with the world. I'm also scared.

I've taken a break from the game project so I could work on the website (probably not the best idea, but I needed a break from it). I'll be resuming work on the game Monday.

American Truck Simulator has released an experimental update that adds native multiplayer so I've been playing that with friends and it's been very fun.


until next time