Weekly Update 59

2 months. Yeah, it's been a while. I spoke to an acquaintance yesterday and she brought up that I haven't posted in 2 months so here's a post just for you. 😀


What have I been up to? Well honestly so damn much. NMRiH2 is taking up most of my time.

My company. So I mentioned that I formed the LLC and began working on a project. Well, I filed for the trademark and my attorney recommended that I release a game sooner than later so I'm doing just that. I've started a TPS survival project (similar to my old FPSGame project) and it's going to be free. I'm focusing on gameplay rather than art so it's going to be gray boxed with the epic mannequin for a release. The release date is TBD, but likely in 2 months. I plan to launch the company website around that time also - which will feature a blog etc to keep up to date. Trademark stuff is super stressful since you pay a load of money and then have to wait a minimum of 6 months to know if you got the trademark.


until next time