Weekly Update 7 - GitHub Free, Windy Storm, and Flooded Bunkers

Monday and Tuesday I picked up sticks (there was a high wind storm over the weekend) at my day job and Wednesday I pumped out bunkers (again holding water due to the storm) and then started raking the bunkers. Thursday I finished raking the bunkers with an hour of overtime and today I mowed collars again. I then worked on cleaning up 8 fairway (has mud on it due to water running over it during construction/heavy rains since).

Over the weekend I worked on this site a very small amount and I also worked some on HordeMode, but I still haven't committed yet. As I say every week I plan to work on x project and I never really do so I'll not say that this time and I'll update you again next week. 😛

Some exciting news happened on the 14th, GitHub is now free. So that's really cool.


until next time