Weekly Update 8 - SOD

Over the weekend I decided to open source an inventory system that I was working on a while back. It's available here. Instead of telling you what I did every single day of the week at my day job which tbh is getting annoying to try and remember what I did - I'm going to just write larger events that go on at my day job.

This week we mainly worked on cutting and laying sod on a new teebox.


We still have to lay sod for the rough around the teebox so that should be very soon.

I also moved some of my major projects like Beanstalk Engine into their own organization on GitHub. I recreated the organization and repo for CorkBB so I do plan on working on that eventually.

I do however have some great news, well for myself that is. I started intermittent fasting on the 19th of April and I can say that I'm proud of myself. I just need to stick to it for a few months and I should drop some weight.


until next time