Weekly Update 9 - New Keyboard and Satisfactory

Over the weekend I worked on HordeMode some and I'm actually quite proud of the work that I did. It wasn't much, but I hadn't touched that project in quite some time so I'm proud that I finally did.

I plan to work on HordeMode more this weekend if Satisfactory doesn't pull me in more. Oh yeah, I bought Satisfactory Sunday and I've been playing it non-stop.

I know I haven't really written much stuff recently and I do apologize for that, but my day job has been exhausting. All I do when I get home is just watch videos. I do plan on writing up some good posts in the near future so stay tuned. 😁


I spoke with a friend about new keycaps for mechanical keyboards and I ended up buying a new keyboard. I bought the Ducky Shine 7 in gunmetal.



until next time