Where to Begin in Programming

I frequently get asked or even see people asking other people or just hear about people wanting to get into programming. They usually ask “How do I learn” or “Where do I learn” or “What do I learn” etc. You get the point. Anyway this post is about this. haha

Where do I begin?

It’s really hard to say. Personally, I’m only self-taught so I just used Google and some YouTube here and there. I also became friends with some amazing programmers which helped me improve my skills over the years. Honestly, it really depends on what you want to do. Do you want to make web applications, desktop or mobile applications, or games?

  • Web stuff: I’d start out with some PHP or even Django/Python. It may be good to look into SQL.
  • Desktop stuff: Jeez, most likely C# or Java.
  • Mobile stuff: Hands down Java.
  • Game stuff: Erm, C# (Unity) or C++/Blueprint (UE4) (NOTE: C++ is rather difficult for a beginner, but Blueprints are rather simple)

What now?

Well… idk. I started out on Visual Basic and after 2 days I jumped to C# as VB was just annoying as fuck. I eventually moved into learning PHP (an admin on a forum I had asked for advice just linked me php.net and said “I read this”). Then recently I started learning Python again (was writing in a few years ago, but never actually wrote much of it).

So my advice is to find out what you really want to do in programming and go learn as much as you can.


until next time