Why I Hate Blueprint in UE4

Feb. 4, 2019, noon

I complain a bit about Blueprints.

Hate isn't the best word to describe my feelings towards Blueprint ("BP"). Let's go ahead and change that to strongly dislike or just dislike.

So I dislike using BP for a few reasons and the main one is performance. Yes, I'm aware you can use nativization to speed it up, but C++ would still be faster in the long run. I'm a programmer, I don't feel like a programmer when I write BP and I find networking easier in C++. I also find C++ much cleaner and easier to understand (even if the code isn't documented). I guess that's like most programmers, we find code easy to understand. /shrug

Also this https://blueprintsfromhell.tumblr.com/ is why BP is bad imo.

What now?

I use BP for UI, AI, and some other things like simple prototyping; then I port it to C++. I don't think I'll ever stop using BP fully as it's kind of a necessity with Unreal Engine 4 ("UE4").


Until next time