Here are some of my personal projects that I've built over the years. You can view more of my projects on my GitHub.


Engine Extensions Active

A plugin that adds more functionality to Unreal Engine.

UDatabase Active

Adds MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, SQLite, and PostgreSQL into Unreal Engine.


VSDiscordRP Abandoned

Discord Rich Presence for Visual Studio

UEProjectTool On-Hold

A tool to do some common tasks in UE4.

django-analytics Abandoned

django_analytics is a middleware for Django that tracks visitors.

SteamBridge On-Hold

A UE4 implementation of the Steamworks API.


Inventory Plugin Abandoned

A UE4 plugin to add an inventory to your game.

Actor Spawner Plugin Abandoned

A C++ based spawning system for actors.

Grenade System Plugin Abandoned

A modular C++ based grenade system for Unreal Engine 4.

GameLauncher Abandoned

A Qt5 based game launcher.


My personal website

SpiderBT Abandoned

A bug tracking software.


STRIKE Abandoned

A FPS game with a focus on competitve and fast-paced gameplay.

UE4LogParser Abandoned

A tool to parse UE4 logs.


ResponseV Abandoned

A LSPDFR mod to add more calls, immersion, and overall fun to the core mod.

tmpfile.org Abandoned

Temporary file hosting website.

Avocado Unmaintained

simple blog system built with Django

dnslion.com Abandoned

DNS Lion was a free dns hosting service.

FPSGame Abandoned

A round based zombie survival game - inspired by Call of Duty Zombies.


imglnx.com Abandoned

free, fast, secure, simple, image hosting

CaptureThat Abandoned

A free and opensource screenshotting program.


Frostbyte Abandoned

Frostbyte is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Arma 3.


Population Zero MC Abandoned

A minecraft mod.